Our Vision

Officially founded in June of 2014 by owner Caleb Rennekamp, Shifted Industries stemmed from a passion of all things with a motor and wheels. Growing up surrounded by several family members who worked at a Ford Motor Company production plant, Caleb quickly became infatuated with the automotive industry and strived to learn as much as possible. He would often be caught reading truck, car, and motorcycle magazines instead of textbooks in class and going to car shows and motocross races rather than school events.

This infatuation continued to grow later in life as Caleb attended welding trade school, machine shop classes, and college for business management. Most of his spare time was spent working on vehicles belonging to close friends in driveways or garages, when he wasn’t working on his own. This ultimately led to partnering with some of the top companies in the aftermarket automotive industry to build a truck to debut in the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Cultivating these close relationships with the top companies in the truck scene gave Caleb an idea to turn his lifelong passion into a business and career, making it easy to purchase the top brands from one site.

The name Shifted Industries was inspired from the wheel design on the truck that was built for the SEMA Show, the American Force “Shift” wheel, which gained a great deal of attention for being the first set of 24x14 forged wheels for the company. More than that, Shifted Industries stands for giving customers the opportunity to alter, customize, and shift their design to stand out from the crowd.

Shifted Industries is devoted to manufacturing and selling the highest quality products, while maintaining a strong personal relationship with customers and brands. Consumer satisfaction is our top priority and we are always happy to answer any questions. We stand behind all of the products we offer and are proud to bring them to you!