Shipping & Returns

  1. What shipping options are available?
  2. Do you ship outside of the USA?
  3. Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?
  4. What could cause a shipping delay?
  5. Is there a cost on returns?

Q: What shipping options are available?

We reserve the right to ship best method

contact us

Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?

Not at this time, if you have any special requests please call.

Q: Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

We ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

Q: What could cause a shipping delay?

Shipping delay can occur when the wrong address or zip code is submitted for the shipping address. If the shipping company can not deliver the package we will contact you via phone or email.

During the holiday season shipping delivery may vary.

Many of our products are built to order, please feel free to inquire if you have any questions about your order

Q: Is there a cost on returns?

Thank you for your faith in us at Shifted Industries. We strive to provide the best products for your application(s), in order to do that we have to control what returns we will accept. Guidelines for returns are as follows: • Any return will not be considered if it is beyond 14 days from its original delivery date from Shifted Industries or one of its suppliers. • No used parts will be accepted or credited back. Not even for a restocking fee. This is no exception. We can’t sell used product and won’t accept it back. Sorry for the inconvenience. (If you mount it, you own it NO EXCEPTIONS) • If you order the wrong part for your application, attempt to install it, you own it. If you order a part that is difficult to install, but you attempt and fail, you own it. (If you begin the installation process, and the product is attempted to be installed you are not eligible for a return. Scratched, used product, are not useful to us at Shifted Industries as we always sell our customers the best new spacers available on the market. NO EXCEPTIONS.) • On new, still sealed in the box, product we will process returns at a 30% restocking fee plus order freight cost from our free shipping or paid shipping. There is no exception to the restocking fee. This means you will be charged 30% of the invoice amount plus the original amount we were billed to ship the product to you. (You must make sure the product is packaged well enough to not be damaged on the transit back, freight damage will result in YOU dealing with the shipping company for YOUR refund, no money will come from Shifted Industries for damaged product. NO EXCEPTIONS.) We appreciate our customers and love being here for you when you need parts for your vehicles. For us to be able to always be here for your needs we have to institute this policy starting 9/1/2022. To discuss starting the return process, please email your original order invoice and information on why you wish to make the return to All request are considered but if they don’t fall into the acceptance of the guidelines stated above they will be instantly declined. Again thank you for your support of the Shifted Industries brands.